Surgery went well. They actually got me in a little early  so I didn’t have too much of the waiting around anxiety.  Now, I’m old pro at surgery,  so I say it was fine,but I can completely get why people are scared of this.


I’ve been home for a few hours and the soreness is definitely catching up to me. It’s not horrible (my last gut surgery was way worse) and I have norco.  I like that I can get up and walk around by myself, and Ed doesn’t have to lift me on and off the toilet like he did after the last one.  The worst part is trying to sleep sitting up.  I’m a side sleeper,  this is super uncomfortable.  Going to be a long night.

Edited to add: we found Ed’s neck pilow for travel, and that has helped a lot. Hopefully between that and the norco I’ll be able to sleep…

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