recovery, part 1

I’m calling this part one, because I’m pretty sure there will be more. I’m doing okay, could be much worse. Lots of sleeping going on which is always good after surgery. It was really difficult to find a comfortable way to sleep but once I did I was out. My Fitbit says I’ve been sleeping about 9 hours, which is incredible given that I usually only get about 3 to 4 hours a night according to it.

20160728_123846The most difficult part has been this pressure bandage they had wrapped around my head. Or ear jockstrap as one of my friends calls it. Basically a plastic cup over my ear that is stuffed with gauze. Then elastic tightens it around the rest of my head. It was really uncomfortable and just too tight. I think the majority of the headache I had was from it and not the surgery itself. So this afternoon we were able to take that off which has helped a lot. My ear is very numb which is fine that’s very usual apparently. I haven’t really looked at the hair or the incision yet, because it’s not really in a good place for me to see. Ed says it’s much lower than he expected, but it looks fine. I look forward to sleeping without that thing on my head.

We had to take the arm of my glasses off, which makes seeing very difficult as well, as you don’t realize how important both of those are to hold them in front of your eyes correctly. So today I’ve been wearing my contacts and I feel much less dizzy, just because I can at least see better now. I can’t do that everyday, as I’m really not supposed to spend that much time sleeping in them. I did get to wear them during surgery though which was great, because when I woke up I could both see and hear because they had already put my hearing aid back in. This was much better than some previous anesthesia I’ve been under where I woke up completely deaf and blind.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. I suspect there’s a lot more sleeping in my future. But I also hope there’s some good binge-watching coming up on Netflix too.

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