Six month stats

Had my 6 month testing and mapping today. TLDR: I probably hear better than most of you now.

I’ve been having a weird echoy, mickey mousey after sound going on. It was frustrating and annoying and really made music a lot worse. So the main goal for me at this appointment was to get rid of that. We made some pretty dramatic changes and tried a bunch of different things. Actually turned off electrode #13 entirely (which I know means nothing to most of you). So now everything sounds different – maybe better? The problem is mostly gone but now everything sounds weird. Where “weird” is “different but I can’t really tell if it’s better or worse yet, give me a couple of days of listening to see”. Everything is worse after a mapping. The question is if you will get used to it or not and it ultimately is better. That whole training of the brain thing.

Anyway, these numbers are prior to the new mapping:

  • at 50db (soft speech volume), I scored 95.8% speech recognition in bimodal (both ears, both devices) mode.
  • at 50db (soft speech volume), I scored 76% speech recognition with the right ear only (implant only).
  • at 60db (regular conversation volume), I scored 98% speech recognition with the right ear only (implant only).

Reminder: on Aug 30 last year, I scored 0% in my right ear because I had zero sound.
At the end of September, I scored 77% in my right ear at conversational volume.

So yeah, I’m a speech recognition rock star. These numbers don’t translate to real life, or phone, or music, or anything really, just that I’m doing really really well. They also don’t tell you what things actually sound like, because the way I hear things don’t sound normal. I wish there was a better way to describe it, just that it’s different.

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